Have you ever heard about the magical secrets of life?

Yeah, everybody knows a few of them.

For instance, I will give out my personal best secret of life, self-help style: Tell the problems to f*ck itself!

Yes, that easy.

You have a problem, you don't know how to solve it. Say "f*ck you!!!" to it. Very loud, intense, heartfelt. And you will see how easy it will be to solve it then.

Another trick, as I'm in the mood. Never forget you can do what you believe you can do. That's a tough to explain trick because I always hear some as*hole saying: "So, I can fly, then". That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that whatever you need to do, the first thing to do is believe you can do it. Oh, You don't believe me? Think I'm a hypocrite? Well, then I guess you need a bit more confidence.

"Are you a mexiCAN or a mexiCAT?" - Desperado II