BOFH rocks!

Look at this:

"The 'great' thing about crap engineers is that they don't let something like not knowing anything about the product hamper them in any way. They're quite prepared to lift the cover on something, pull the memory out, hold the memory in their mouth while they bend a couple of heatsinks out of the way looking for a loose wire, shove the memory back in the slot, reseat it with a small amount of pressure, a medium amount of pressure, a large amount of pressure, then realise it's in the wrong way and repeat the pressure install method, shut the cover then realise they've been working on the wrong machine the whole time - and maybe they should have turned the power off first..."

Perfect for a fortune cookie. :)
Last night I had again one of my most pleasant dreams... Of flying!

That's almost the best type of dream I can have (think for yourself what's the best one).

I did a little google on it. Lucid Dreaming! It's been ages since I recall having lucid dreams (at least, of the sort that scared me to hell), and I was trying to remember... I've had a lot of flying dreams lately. I gotta tell you, it's one of the best feelings I have when dreaming.

I cannot totally direct my flying, I know though that I'm moving faster, gliding and that I can move just by thinking... like levitating. It's weird, I know. And the curious thing: I feel like I remembered how to fly. It seems that as soon as I wake up, though, I forget how, unfortunately. But I feel weightless, and though the dreamworld is somewhat delimited in paths, I know I'm moving a lot faster than other people.

I wished I could control it more... not sure what is the use for that, but it's a really cool way to have fun.