Weirdly enough, sometimes I have the feeling of emptiness. It's like being a baloon full of air, floating the void, without will nor destiny.

By the way, I have so many things to do, it makes me feel a bit lost. Maybe that's the reason for this weird feeling.

Coming back to real life. I do really miss those feelings of cosmic awareness. I knew what the universe was, how it works and why. Those were fascinating moments, and I saw a impressive beauty in the design of this big wheel.

But as a song says: The big wheel starts moving...

And so do we, toward a more centered reality.

Of one being living one life at one moment.

It is very interesting, curious and even cool to see scientists discovering what I had long dreamt. Realities forking and choosing, based on the will of my one inconsciousness... I do what I will because the reality I live is the one I've chosen.

I do understand it looks a lot like optimistical cheap-talk, and indeed it looks like. However, science is each day getting close to this. And believe me, I cannot prove it, but science will.

Final proof of it I hope someday to give, as I'm wishing right now to be very rich and happy. :)
It will be an amazing, magical future.

Our brains will be networked, as are computer clusters today.

We will simply "rent" our brains as processing power for some company.

In return for rent, we will be paid money, which will be the new form of salary.

Our brains will control machines of all kinds, from manufacturing robots to entertainment multi-user networks hosting internet games.

In our spare time we will develop even more our brain, and in return we will evolve into bigger thinking machines.

It is a future I envision and which will create a whole new revolution to mankind.

The Internet is the craziest human invention we ever made.

In the near future, we will acknowledge the Internet as the biggest invention ever. Bigger than the wheel, or the discovery of fire.

The internet is the embryo of our colective cybernetic consciousness. I say that today as a prophecy of the days to come. We will cyber-link our minds to solve problems, decide upon our fates and even do many tasks at the same time, using a single cybernetic body.

We will be ghosts, bodyless yet made of meat and bones.
Last post was a April Fool's prank. ha-ha

Nobody read it anyway. :)

Anyway, have you ever noticed some people make smartass jokes on you then they realise they will need you in the future.

And you realise you now have people at your hand, and you can simply choose not to help them.

It's a bad, mean world where we live. No simpathy for the devil, when he jokes on you.
I am so tired of this war.

I am so tired of waking up early, doing a job which will pay me such a pissy salary.

So little money I won't have nothing for me at the end of the month.

I just decided to suicide.

I hereby leave all my stuff to my parents, my brother and my girlfriend.

Goodbye, cruel World. Goodbye.
"Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky"
Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the
promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue

Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
The flames are all gone, but the pain lingers on.

Goodbye, blue sky
Goodbye, blue sky.

- Pink Floyd, Goodbye Blue Sky
Death is unavoidable. Unmerciful, unwished and always impossible to cope.

It's the final blow to the sick, weary and tired. The signal you cannot ever win over time, and wish your dearest stay with you forever.

Death takes our wisest and first friends, our grandfathers and grandmothers, the first ones we revere, even when we don't know how much we will miss them in the future.

I've lost my grandparents many years ago. And now, seeing my girlfriend's grandfather going away from us, I can finally feel how much I miss mine. Her first friend is gone. He is now resting, peacefully dreaming in places where all of us will go someday.

They're friends we will never forget, they will always live inside our hearts and we will always remember them as our first friends, the first grown-ups that made us laugh, that treated us kindly and loved us, even when we were wrong.
On The Turning Away - Pink Floyd

"On the turning away
From the pale and downtrodden
And the words they say
Which we won't understand
"Don't accept that what's happening
Is just a case of others' suffering
Or you'll find that you're joining in
The turning away"

It's a sin that somehow
Light is changing to shadow
And casting it's shroud
Over all we have known
Unaware how the ranks have grown
Driven on by a heart of stone
We could find that we're all alone
In the dream of the proud

On the wings of the night
As the daytime is stirring
Where the speechless unite
In a silent accord
Using words you will find are strange
And mesmerized as they light the flame
Feel the new wind of change
On the wings of the night

No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside
Just a world that we all must share
It's not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be
No more turning away?"
I never learn I shouldn't talk like a ogre in the phone. Why is it so difficult to talk like a human with other humans?

Furthermore, if the plural of man is men, why the plural of human isn't humen? Weird.
Other people never learn to talk properly. I do get upset easily, but some people never learn that when you can't speak correctly you upset people more easily than most.
Since this is my opening day, I have lots of worries to report.

For example: Some people never learn to say my name. Simple as it is...
Why is it so difficult for some people to learn?

I've always been learning new stuff. Everyday I learn a new trick. Some people seems to never learn anything. What differs between good learners and bad learners. Perhaps they should drink more milk.
Finally, I took the decision to start a web log.

The worries inside my head grew bigger than it can cope. Either of us had to exit my head. My worries or myself.