So many months distracted by the real world.

I'm back again.

Ever noticed some people are so easily influenced by others?

As if formless creatures, devoid of personality, weak of willpower, avid of new things in their life... Suddenly find someone. A beacon, a guiding light... And then they start to take the form they desire... A child's picture... blunt, excess colours, bold lines... A mis-picture of ourselves. A laugh at what we are and what they're trying to be. Us.

These may be arrogant, reckless, cold and smartass words. But nonetheless, the cynic inside me tell me they are true.

Such people do exist, they are all around us. Vampires of ideas, of personality, of individualism. Of being one outcast and liking it.

I am an outcast, I am happy being an outcast and I don't want followers. No fans, neither.

I want my life, in its uniqueness, in its personal perfection and beauty. In being what nobody else is and living happy with it.

Again, the wheel moves. I feel it rolling... it is slower now and it is good because I can't really think when it is too fast.