A few months ago I had myself one weekend to rethink Life, the Universe and Everything.

I kinda hid myself (as if I am not recluse enough) and meditated in my own way about how I view people, friends, my love, even my dog. I reviewed how I am doing in my profession, my current employer, colleagues, past mistakes... It was a chance to try to review everything. To better understand who I am today and who I was.

It is the culmination of visiting Japan, you could say. That impacted so strongly in me, it took months for the ideas to settle.

In Japan, at least the part I saw, I saw something that I long thought lost. People that work happy. People happy to offer you a restaurant menu, of registering your soda on the market. Happy to direct people outside of the danger zone of a construction. I was perplexed beyond imagination.

Yes, we do see people like this everywhere. But I was shocked to see that was a whole different level. That made me look into the mirror and ask myself, are you that dedicated to your job as that old lady mopping the floor of that Tokyo station subway? I was shocked to look into the mirror and realize that I was not.

I was already used to the idea that people around me aren't into that level of dedication. That is pretty evident on almost all posts I write here. I make it a personal principle to not trust into people that hate their jobs. Yet, I saw that to the outside, I could be being seen as one of these guys. What happened to me?

Although I can put it in words right now, in that weekend, that happened without almost one word being thought. It is only now that I can understand a bit of what that weekend meant.

I should continue writing later about this. I hope I remember, right now I put a lot of good stuff out.

Before I leave the Log, I should say that sometimes I wonder how hard would it be to mop floors. You get the idea, you know what I mean.

(Although published today, this post is from last year, I was not sure it should be)