In my last post, I was trying to find what I'd be worried next. Well, it turns out that I have a lot of things to worry about, as you might have guessed.

Yeah, like, should I plan my next vacations? Should I save to buy an apartment? What certification is next? Should I enter a gym? Should I start my post-graduation studies?

As you can imagine, I want to answer YES to all of these questions. Alas, I'm just one. And that means that I've to pick one. Not an easy matter. Each of the above goals have its pros and cons. All of them, if you think dearly of each, have their pros outweighing the cons!

Now, that can be confusing, if you keep trying to weigh one over another, that is where the mistake is.

Well, pick one and go for it! That's a good answer, after all, all are good choices, any is better than none.

But one of all others is my personal favorite. Yeah! Vacation planning!! No, sorry, that *should* be my fav, but it ain't. It's pursuing my next certification, and I can give you a reasonable excuse: an advance in my certification - a significant one, is the necessary step to open doors to two other plans. Vacations and our own apartment.

That's a plan I've been procrastinating for almost a year, since I finished my CCNP. And it's about time I pull it back to the foreground again.

Oh! That brings another good Eternal Worry to the front! When, dear reader, when is the proper time to start one of your personal plans? Everybody has a plan right? Why do you keep it deep in your drawer? Why don't you start it? Why not today? Why not now?! You might say, oh that's easy for you to say, you're writing on a blog right now. So, that's not much for a plan startup...

It is. It's the materialization of my will to move my life forward. And maybe motivate you, dear reader, to help you start your plans too.

Shall we?