The Internet is the craziest human invention we ever made.

In the near future, we will acknowledge the Internet as the biggest invention ever. Bigger than the wheel, or the discovery of fire.

The internet is the embryo of our colective cybernetic consciousness. I say that today as a prophecy of the days to come. We will cyber-link our minds to solve problems, decide upon our fates and even do many tasks at the same time, using a single cybernetic body.

We will be ghosts, bodyless yet made of meat and bones.
Last post was a April Fool's prank. ha-ha

Nobody read it anyway. :)

Anyway, have you ever noticed some people make smartass jokes on you then they realise they will need you in the future.

And you realise you now have people at your hand, and you can simply choose not to help them.

It's a bad, mean world where we live. No simpathy for the devil, when he jokes on you.
I am so tired of this war.

I am so tired of waking up early, doing a job which will pay me such a pissy salary.

So little money I won't have nothing for me at the end of the month.

I just decided to suicide.

I hereby leave all my stuff to my parents, my brother and my girlfriend.

Goodbye, cruel World. Goodbye.