I used to think a lot about what the fuck I am doing here.

These days I don't think much about this. I just found out that as long as I am doing what I like to do, with people I like to be with, that is good enough. Heck, that's great! I just have to keep away those I don't like, and get rid of the things I don't like to do, as fast as I can.

It usually works quite well, and all that worrying about Life, the Universe and Everything just doesn't bother me at all.

It does makes sense, doesn't it? It's a simple formula. And usually, the simple answers are the correct ones.

And I believe most people get the same idea. Hey, let me work with such-minded people, let me be with such-minded people - there, that's paradise on earth! And I  bet such people recognizes one another. Fast. Such people got such clear perception of how life can be good, that it's impossible for people like this not to get along. Give it some years and this is the stuff of long lasting friendships.

But of course, all these years worrying gave me another good insight - there are people that don't think this is the answer. In fact, these are the people that have been perplexing me most of the time I spend here in the blog.

How can it not make any sense? What the fuck are these people doing here?

Who are these people that don't know what the fuck they're doing here? Why they cannot simply do what they like to do? Why cannot them be with the people they like to be with?

First answer could be "they don't know what they like to do" and I'll tell you, yes, they know. Everybody knows. Some just don't believe hard enough that they can do it for a living. But that's besides the point. The point is that some people don't really believe that doing what they like is important. That's the point.

So... what the fuck is important for these people?

I don't know. I spent the last three hours trying to write about this. And I'm giving up for now. I don't have a clue. Maybe they don't like to think, or they hate change, maybe they don't want any challenges in life. Dude, maybe they're hollow. Maybe they don't like to help. Maybe they've been waiting since 8am for 6pm so they can leave the office again. It makes no sense to me, and trying to make such things make any sense is weird, so I'm probably wrong. I'm feel confusion again.

Anyway, I'll publish this post maybe my confusion goes away. :)