I sometimes wonder what comes after life. Yeah, death alright, but is there afterlife? Is it paradise? Do we queue on line again to be born as an animal or plant, based on our actions?

In my wildest theories... And I warned you this is a wild theory, I believe that everyone around me that dies simply die and disappear, their only meaning in life is to teach me something. Then you wonder, what happens when I die? Well, when the day comes that I die, everything will die with me. Yes, like the game name, The World Ends With You. I don't mean you will be living. Not at all. I'll die and the game is over. The lesson is learned. Whatever "I" was thinking when "I" decided to create this huge thing called reality will end and "I" will probably wonder what to do next. Which inevitably means "I"'ll rerun reality again, but put "myself" on another perspective, which means, of course, someone else.

As I told you before. It is one my wildest theories. The Life is at whole, a simple game of perspective. You and I, we're all the same. Maybe you cannot connect to the quintessential link that exists between everything... but I believe I glimpsed it, in my mind's eye. It is crazy, pointless and infinite. It won't cease and quite frankly, I like it the way it is. Let fiction be the realm of nightmares come true.

(No, I'm not high on any drug, legal or illegal. But my friend's death got my imagination on a wild spin, let this be my way of honoring him).
To be able to dream is great. To make plans is awesome. But when you cannot count on someone sharing your dreams... Life becomes a nightmare.

I almost erased my previous post. But that isn't life.

There's no deleting old posts, there's no undo.
I just had the perfect idea for a short vacation near to our 8th year together.

8 is a magic number, it means a lot for us. The symbol is so strong I can draw inumerous meanings of it.

We're opposites. Complete different universes coming together.

By the way, is it my imagination, or being awake for +20h straight is making me a bit delusional? Anyway I know now the surprise that is coming for my love on our next celebration for being together.

Maybe I'm a bit gray most of the time. But I got my moments. That's for sure.