So much has changed since my last post.

I had a lot of plans willing to come out, each of them calling for my attention.

What changed since then? I'll tell you, in plain, simple, direct words. I got a new job.

Does it means that all of these plans have changed? Of course not! But the change is so fundamental... Whereas until now I've been at the mercy of the uncertainty, not knowing if I'd still be working at the same company a few years from now, I finally feel that I work somewhere where I can grow career-wise.

That's a bold statement, even premature. Well, this is a feeling, right. It's supposed to be premature.

In a few months I'll be able to get a better grip on my (hopefully) new reality. So far, it does look very promising.

But I digress, I was talking about my plans and the effect of my new job on them. I'll need to rethink some of them. New doors are open, and I still ponder if any closed at all, I believe not.

It'll be fun to re-read this post in a few months. Who knows what plans I'll be making then?