I never learn I shouldn't talk like a ogre in the phone. Why is it so difficult to talk like a human with other humans?

Furthermore, if the plural of man is men, why the plural of human isn't humen? Weird.
Other people never learn to talk properly. I do get upset easily, but some people never learn that when you can't speak correctly you upset people more easily than most.
Since this is my opening day, I have lots of worries to report.

For example: Some people never learn to say my name. Simple as it is...
Why is it so difficult for some people to learn?

I've always been learning new stuff. Everyday I learn a new trick. Some people seems to never learn anything. What differs between good learners and bad learners. Perhaps they should drink more milk.
Finally, I took the decision to start a web log.

The worries inside my head grew bigger than it can cope. Either of us had to exit my head. My worries or myself.