Coming back to real life. I do really miss those feelings of cosmic awareness. I knew what the universe was, how it works and why. Those were fascinating moments, and I saw a impressive beauty in the design of this big wheel.

But as a song says: The big wheel starts moving...

And so do we, toward a more centered reality.

Of one being living one life at one moment.

It is very interesting, curious and even cool to see scientists discovering what I had long dreamt. Realities forking and choosing, based on the will of my one inconsciousness... I do what I will because the reality I live is the one I've chosen.

I do understand it looks a lot like optimistical cheap-talk, and indeed it looks like. However, science is each day getting close to this. And believe me, I cannot prove it, but science will.

Final proof of it I hope someday to give, as I'm wishing right now to be very rich and happy. :)
It will be an amazing, magical future.

Our brains will be networked, as are computer clusters today.

We will simply "rent" our brains as processing power for some company.

In return for rent, we will be paid money, which will be the new form of salary.

Our brains will control machines of all kinds, from manufacturing robots to entertainment multi-user networks hosting internet games.

In our spare time we will develop even more our brain, and in return we will evolve into bigger thinking machines.

It is a future I envision and which will create a whole new revolution to mankind.