Vacations! Time to work on Nothing!

I can't really remember the last time I had real vacations. No, I'm not visiting a new city, having the time of my life or walking the outback of Australia... I'm at home, playing PS3 and laying on my sofa the whole day.

What you maybe wondering, friendly reader... is "What?! You're doing nothing the whole day?" Yep, I am! Doing nothing with pride, with a complete sense that doing nothing is exactly what I had in mind for my vacations.

I've been covering my coworkers vacations and trainings since november last year, and boy, that is tiresome. Not stressful as my work marathon in '00, of course, that I hope I'll never do again. But tiresome anyway.

Alas, I'm on my 3rd official day of vacations, I still have 7 days of vacations to cover and I plan to enjoy each day doing absolutely nothing! Except, of course, eating, sleeping, drinking homebrew coffee, smoking and playing PS3! hehe

People travel on their vacations, visit their relatives, meet new people, new places... Hey, that is fun, except of course visiting relatives *grin*. If you ask if I want to do such things, yeah I want. Not these vacations, though. I enjoy all these things (no need to work on that, I'm as human as you are), but life has a lot of meaning everywhere. Be it away or at home.

Reader, when are your next vacations? Can you enjoy your vacations no matter where you are? I bet you can. Try it.