My vacations ended fast, life resumed, work resumed.

Right now life is pretty good. Got a lot of bills to pay, like everyone. But we're in a new apartment. Rented it quite quickly, moved in fast... Unboxed almost everything.

I have been wondering about what to do next. Oh, I didn't mention, did I? I'm on my final week of exams and after that I'll be finally graduated... into network technologies. Two years and a half of seeing people learn the basics of networking, getting a bit smarter about our trade... I maybe even got a few new friends.

As to finishing graduation itself. I don't care. Really. You might say, "oh yeah, you don't care, then why the heck are you talking about it?" Well, because that's the hook for the question. What next? As you, dear reader, must already wonder, I'm not worried about the endings. Endings are just like targets for me. Once I hit it I want to target something else.

I'm always wondering what I'll do next. At least that's how my mind works these days...

I remember worrying about how I'd pay my bills. How I would even survive in the next month. If I were performing fine at work. If this or that pain in the ass coworker would miss work tomorrow, or die shitting in the toilet...

Well, I digress. I used to worry a lot. That's the point. Right now I'm not worrying that much at all. That's what I've been worrying about. I mean, that I'm kinda worried about not being worried at all. Confusing? Nah, not really. Worrying perhaps.

Maybe I'm more self-confident. Maybe I just know that things will work out anyway. Maybe I realized that letting things happen won't hurt a bit.

So that leaves a lot of room to do other things. Like worrying about what to do next. What was that again?