It's been a while since I really felt the need to write. There's no real Eternal Worry troubling my mind at all. I just felt the need to vent out a bit, about some religious fanatics I saw on some blog commentaries elsewhere.

What in the damn universe were such people thinking when they gave up all reasoning and spiritualism and decided to be The Blind Zealots of The Only True Religion That Will Bring Salvation? What deturped idea is that they call Faith? Why do they say "Deus é Fiel" when they should be the faithfull ones (unless that quote states that god has such a good self-steem, I doubt it, that is, if he existedu).

Above all, why they have such idiotic need to disprove, humiliate and disrespect other religions? Where did this people read that is mandatory? Who told them that is proper attitude? Lemme answer that myself. They've never read it anywhere, and nobody told them that is how they should treat others. They're simply trying to justify arrogance and a very flaky ego behind "sacred teachings". In the end, although they boast being religiousness, they're the complete opposite of the true teachings of their religion. If religion was a belief (is it?) I'd call them hypocrites, as they'd be offended of considered a belief, I believe I need to call them... what? sinners? Nah, they've committed no sin, did they?

Dear reader, do me a favor. Ask your inner god for guidance. I bet the universe will be grateful.