So far, it feels like months have passed. I'm not sure if this is a returning post, perhaps this is just a fly-by post. As posts do not fly as far as I know, this is sort of whatever post.

Been reading the Hitchhiker series, I just love Douglas Adams style. Also I'm in sort of a Star Wars frenzy, re-viewing every picture that comes to my hands.

Life is going well like this. The escape pods all route to science fiction, not much patience to worry about what's going on actually.

I don't want to care about these things, I'm letting things happen as they do, and I don't care at all about the outcome. So far this is working out and I'm having a good time, thank you.

The english accent will perhaps glue to my writing style for a few months, as I'll probably re-read the hitchhiker series again as soon as I finish. They're very good.