So, time passes and the old gets older.

We see the signs of the passage of time in most different ways.

Sometimes it's us looking older in the mirror. Sometimes it's our friends looking younger than us. Sometimes we feel we no longer have time to do all we gotta do.

But sometimes, perhaps less often than I like, we feel that the old powers controlling our life are starting to weaken. They're starting to feel old themselves. Not older in a wiser sense, but older and weaker, and more of a shadow of what once they were. A shadow of that control they could exert. Then they think they're pulling strings of a puppet, but the puppet now pulls the string into the direction it wants, and the puppeteer moves his hand along, unaware he is the puppet now.

Another link broke in my chains. I feel freer than yesterday and tomorrow I shall be even more free. Where before I reacted to his actions, now I got the upper hand, and he is the one to react.

I step into loose stones in a tortuous path. I can see myself rolling and tumbling and getting myself hurt and hurting along people I love in the course of my path. From this pain and those sore feet another me shall be born. And strong it will be, with pride and dignity. And I will laugh and pity the destiny of my enemies, for their unfairness shall be their own dammation.