Some months have gone by, so busy doing lots of small things.

Life goes faster when you do lots of small things. When your mind is busy trying to find out which small thing to do next.

I lost track of all my projects, I've moved to a new apartmant, a lot smaller and less than half the rent of the old one. I feel the quiet sea before the storm. I can sense something big is coming again, and I had to say it here, so I remember I felt it.

By the way, I finished reading the Hithchiker's and I've read the whole six Dune books. I've also read the Dune Trilogy Prequel, and I've just started reading the Legends of Dune Trilogy... oh so many good books to read.

I've also bought a NGageQD, quite a fun toy. And a cell phone too... I know, this is an uncommon post, full of trivialities and materialisms. But life is like that, full of small things.