Do you try to understand the world around you?

Sometimes I think I worry too much about my life.

Right now I'm trying to understand why some people DOESN'T WORRY at all about how the world works.

Do you understand people do have their motives? Did you ever tried to understand why even the laziest of your friends is so lazy?

Yeah, I know sometimes there is no real good answer.

But that is a good exercise on being humble, and on being compassionate. Yeah, reading Dalai Lama does give some sort of side effects.

I see now how some people simply label other people as complete idiots where sometimes that is only some sort of shell where they get some protection from being overwhelmed by requests and requests all of them totally egocentered. Their jobs don't include people coming from all sides making requests like: "I can't format my page! Or I can't see my emails" Of course they offer support, but people should try learning by themselves a bit. By denying service you also give them a chance to self-learn. You may think this is totally distorted, but if you listened to a few requests I've heard you would agree with me in no time at all.

In return for trying to do their work in peace, all they get is people labeling them as lazy and incompetent. Where as the work that is really important is getting done. But of course, since no personal request is being granted, nobody does thanks them at all. That is really a cruel world we live.

I'm trying to view people without so much prejudice. I feel better this way. I feel I'm giving people some chance to show me their good side. Sometimes people talk to me truthfully, and they trust in me. When I compare this to some people I know, I feel I'm really learning to enjoy life.