Bet on your Fate and Fate will bet back on you.

Where are the nay sayers?

Fate is betting his coins in me. Doors are opening again.

I've bet my very life on this choice. And now I'm getting my prize. In a few months, I believe, my life will be totally different from the road I've chosen almost 4 years ago.

I will be free again, like I was, without any chains, without lies and empty promises. At last I will live again by my choices, by my very hands.

I've learned the lesson the hard way. Everything given weakens the needed. Nothing should be given. It makes you totally incapable of being yourself.

Learn to give and you will be strong. But never give freely or you will weaken those around you. And they may never forgive you. As I will never forget the chains that bound me these last years.