There are two sides on a coin and in this post.

Two sides in a coin. Like my life which is pretty happy and my problems which are fuc*ing getting me out of my mind.

I have to make decisions everyday which I believe nobody else approves. Nobody understands the reasons for what I choose. Not one of them tries to think if they would do the same or if they really understand my priorities.

People think I can let go of my opportunities and lose that which I'm not sure if it will happen again in the future. My choices go after that which will never happen again, rather than something I can retry. That's why I let go of my studies sometimes. I can retry my studies anytime. But some things like what I'm doing right now - teaching, I won't have another chance at all. That's a new career opening before me. A new hope for a new future. A chance of doing something really different than what I did these last 7 years.

I prefer to fail, in a path where I can walk again, than lose the chance of doing something I've never done before.

People go for the easy road. They make safe bets, they don't want to lose that which they see easy to conquer. They don't believe their skills. Can't learn by themselves. Don't trust their instincts.

My life is not this easy shit where everything happens out of plain luck everytime. My mother can't pay for my studies. I cannot trust the relatives that once said they were like parents for me. I have no regret for these facts. But I see people that consider these facts as absolute rights. They think everyone has the divine right of having his parents paying for their studies. There was never in the life of such people the need to make a choice where you never win at all, you only minimize losses.

I make difficult choices everyday. I let go of so much I want to do, in the name of that which I believe is right for my future.

As if the weight of such choices isn't heavy enough, I have to deal with the disapproval of people that never had to make a single choice like mine before.

These are the two sides of my post. I do what people think is impossible. I dream and I make it real. And I pay a very expensive price for it.

You wanna do the impossible, be ready for the consequences.

But if you ask me if I would advise you to do the impossible, by all means, I say do it. The unquestionable belief you are doing the right thing will follow. But a lot of people won't really understand you. They never do anyway, and most of the time, they really don't care at all. Fuck what people think. Fuck what they say. Believe yourself.