How do you think your universe works?

I bet 10 to 1 you, dear reader, thought at least once about how your universe works. How the clock ticks, how the wheels move.

I'll tell you something about the way my universe works.

Everytime I lapse into laziness, everytime I accept what has been given, things start to look bad.

Yeah, that's a tough way to see things.

Yet, I realize now that everytime I left things as they are, I ended up feeling out of the loop. I felt weak and powerless, I was feeling some time ago.

Now that I set some actions, it seems things are lightening up again.

You gotta try it sometimes. Perhaps that's how your universe works. If not, how does it works for you?

Maybe you believe in greater power, maybe you believe in fate. I tried those things, but they're not reliable, IMO.

Try making your life everytime a quest for survival, and you will see how life is full of adventure.

As that Space Tribe tune says: "You create your own happiness".