My take on the half empty and half full cup.

Some people like to brag they have the cup half-full.

Is it anything at all?

I say it is not.

A half-full cup is just that. Cup missing half its contents. Likewise, the half-empty cup needs to empty half its contents to be empty. Neither full nor empty.

However, as silly as this post is, there is that never noticed idea of direction. What?

Yes, a half-full cup is said so from the point of view of someone that is expecting it to fill. I do not take you, dear reader, for an idiot. I won't repeat myself.

So you must always take into consideration that very subtle implication of direction.

Some people expect to know nothing, or do very little. Just by saying that gives me shivers. How can someone expect to know little about something. How can someone expect that knowing little is acceptable. That having, for example, no training (or knowledge) is exactly the excuse needed not to perform a task. I know, tonight I am not being very clear.

On the other side, and hoping to make my point clearer, I work that hard to know more. So I can do more. And so, supposedly, that takes me where I am today. As always, understanding myself turns out to be easier than understanding other people's motives.

Of course I am trying to make a mirror conclusion - that is, I am saying that other people must think exactly the opposite as me. They do not want to do a task, then they do not learn how to do it, in hope that that will excuse them from doing it. And by that reasoning (which is the part I do not understand) people are worthy less. Is that a wrong assumption?

I do more, thus I have greater value. I do less, hence I have lesser value.

Oh sometimes I wonder if that is that easy. Probably not.

Yet, this is the Log of Eternal Worries. If they were that quickly answered, they would never be Eternal.