Missing some night life

So I received today a survey request from TripAdvisor about São Paulo.

One question inside it striked hard in me "A perfect trip to São Paulo cannot skip..."

And the answer I choose from instinct was "enjoying São Paulo Night Life".

And that hit hard in me. Damm how I miss São Paulo Night Life... Leaving office in a hurry, eating junk food anywhere, taking a nap to be better rested. Leaving in a cab, getting my name checked in a VIP list and hitting the bar asking for Red Bull and a shot of Red Label. Finding the rest of the gang near to the speakers or behind DJ's cabin. Smoking those lung burning Camels (back then it was allowed to smoke indoors). Dancing like nobody was watching. Another Red Bull, another Red Label, another Camel. More arm flapping, cheering for the DJ set. Getting out smelling like a zombie. Getting in a cab again, rushing home for a bath (bathing in the office sometimes, no time to waste) and there it was, Friday upon us. It all would begin again. My weekend began Thursday evening with a workday in between, because Friday night it would go on. Until Sunday afternoon, exhausted from that crazy life I had. Blue monday and it was all starting again soon.

Times long gone, times past. I hope kids these days can enjoy life as I did nineteen. It was awesome.