I need to be a bit more honest than usual today.

I'm fucking pissed off.

Hypocrisy always pisses me off. Fake moralism. The idea that you can judge someone on terms that everyone will judge correct. But perverted to the point that instead of bringing order and justice, they serve only to make others feel bad.

It makes me feel that the world is not fair, that it is impossible to win without playing dirty. That if you cannot fight back in the same coin, you are weak.

It pisses me off.

The fact that someone is completely ignoramus can even be accepted. After all, that person is at best doing harm to himself. But being a hypocrite is at another level for me. Damn, being actively hypocrite is the worst of all.

I believe no word exists to name the cruelty of an actively hypocrite person. It's downright evil, cold-hearted, outright dead. There's no return from being actively hypocrite. Once you've gone down that road. You are forever dammed to solitude. You've built for yourself a character that no one will ever love, none will ever befriend. You dig your own hole. Your life is over.

That's probably the darkest post I've ever written, and I hope I never have to touch this subject again. I give it my thoughts now, this is the Log of Eternal Worries. Here my heart connects to my soul and mind, and here I write what results from that. Sometimes... yet sometimes, we need to understand even the hypocrites.