So, did I bite my tongue, since my last post?

I'd say right now that I did. The honeymoon ended, I don't know anymore if I did the right thing. Well, I was expecting some sort of comedown. There's always a comedown about new jobs, isn't there?

*But*, I'm not the type of person that worries about regret at all. I'm more like the type of person that if the plans don't work out exactly the way I planned, I simply need some time to clear my ahead again and make new plans.

What about you, what do you do when you plans don't work as you wished?

Do you have a backup plan? Do you get depressed and cry about how unfair is life? Or do your plans never fail? (Are you kidding?)

I'm thinking about being a bit more bold than what I did in the past. It won't be easy. It never is. Hard never stopped me from doing anyway. I'm not 20ish anymore though. Gotta make some plans this time so it works alright. Oh plans again, dammed word that sticks to my thoughts lately... ouch

Don't want to make sense anymore, so I should stop writing.