Last night I had again one of my most pleasant dreams... Of flying!

That's almost the best type of dream I can have (think for yourself what's the best one).

I did a little google on it. Lucid Dreaming! It's been ages since I recall having lucid dreams (at least, of the sort that scared me to hell), and I was trying to remember... I've had a lot of flying dreams lately. I gotta tell you, it's one of the best feelings I have when dreaming.

I cannot totally direct my flying, I know though that I'm moving faster, gliding and that I can move just by thinking... like levitating. It's weird, I know. And the curious thing: I feel like I remembered how to fly. It seems that as soon as I wake up, though, I forget how, unfortunately. But I feel weightless, and though the dreamworld is somewhat delimited in paths, I know I'm moving a lot faster than other people.

I wished I could control it more... not sure what is the use for that, but it's a really cool way to have fun.