Reviewing the past few months

On December 6, 2014 I closed a chapter in my life that was worst than all of the other bad chapters in my life together.

On December 13, exactly one week after, I had a new job, renewed hope and the recognition of the reputation I built over these years.

The last months were the best months of my professional life ever. That is not so easily said when you have worked with so many many great people. So many people I admire and so many incredible, awesome people, some of them I even have the privilege of calling them friends.

However the thing I missed most the past few years was working in a team where, as we say in Brazil, "vestimos a camisa", a concept that basically means that the team really wants to work together, where the job, excellency and ethics are more important than closing the ticket and moving on to the next project.

Is that so rare nowadays? Is it so hard to find a team where people really want to team-up and work towards a goal? I knew for sure such teams didn't exist anymore. They were utopic. They were things from management books, they were fairy tales told at university and training courses to make us want to work in IT (work at all). I had lost hope such teams could exist, after this harsh nightmare I lived.

Well, it is not a fairy tale. Such teams exist, and I am very proud to say I am working in one. Do we have problems? Yes. Do we fight? Yes! Is there competition amonst ourselves? Yes, it has to be.

But when you have a Network (yeah, in my case, of course, I am a network guy) that you care about, and your team cares about, things are simpler. There is no conflict of interests. We work towards the Sacred Holy Network.

Yes, it's that good, I am gloating, who cares?

Another very important detail. Some of you may believe I have a grudge against bosses. You are so wrong. I just happened to have a lot of bad bosses (and perhaps, the worst of all bosses ever). And I had my share of good bosses too. This time, as you would expect, I do have a good boss. Aye, he's got a good team, that is because he's a good boss, of course.

That last guy, man that's one that's really fucked up. Not only he is fucked up, but he fucks everybody's minds while at it, making everyone around him miserable, suspicious and unmotivated. He's that bad folks. I wonder how a guy like that sleeps. How does a guy like that even have some happiness in his life? I am sure he's a happy guy. (ha, no I am sure he's as miserable as he likes to make people feel).

But what I want to remember from these last six months (already half a year?) is that life can still exist at work. It takes luck. It took tough luck to get my job. Reputation helped, yes, it did, but it was luck that gave me my current job position. I could have ended in a bad team again, with a boss even worst than the last one. Well, that's life, right? This time life smiled a little. And I cannot help smiling back.