Infected Mushroom once was a proud Israeli trance project.

They made driving, psychedelic, completely overwhelming music. It cranked your mind into a level of deep concentration, it made you suddenly realize there are depths into our minds that few have the knowledge to unlock.

Most people listened to old Infected Mushroom and only skimmed into it's deepness. They listened to it and said, "Hey, that's powerful music". I know better.

Infected Mushroom changed a lot. Their music is still powerfull. It is still deep. It's wonderfully, masterfully layered. But it is not Israeli trance anymore.

I must confess I miss israeli. Real, true to it's origins israeli.

But I must confess too this new Infected (not so new, but a lot more mature into it's newness than before) is also very, very good. I'm listening to it shaking a bit (from the cold, it's damned cold) but with hot ears and heart.

This is wonderfull. Totally impressive.