Fate is a very powerful concept.

The feeling that something is happening out of Fate is very mystic. Experiencing Fate is like touching the powers that shape our reality.

I must confess I've been so sad about recent happenings. Having your work unacknowledged, worst of all, for reasons totally unrelated to you or your work. Out of old greed, invoking old powers.

Curiously, trying to blame failure upon something that didn't failed, only hoping it will mislead and confuse, is a very bad escape route. It may work and look quite easy. Smart even. But it is totally bound to fail. Fated.

And Fate made it's rules be obeyed and Fate created failure. I may not be faithful on religions. But I do not pretend to believe in them. I know Gods have their tempers and tempers should be feared.

The Great Architect of the Universe, if I can say His title without blasphemy, just made it true that some Rules should be obeyed.

Oh, I'm not Mason, nor want to be. I am free from god bounds. I pay my price but I have no sins. Sins are to be punished, be sure of that. Old Gods never forgive and never forget.