Unbelievably, I've reached the point of no return.

Finally I'll be free of this burden. I already started many of the actions that will make this world a world more just. It will take maybe months, maybe years. Maybe even nothing will happen. But in the end, I finally did what was right to do. What all the values and morals taught to me over the years have been screaming inside my head to set right. And the best part of it: Nothing I'm doing is wrong. There is nothing wrong on going to law and telling about the many crimes one person committed.

But believe me. Knowing about them and doing nothing just consumes you. Eats your soul, your peace. It feeds on your sleep, your well-being.

In the end you start blaming people around, because the world is such a shit, and you do all your asked to do. You do all you think is right and you never do anything wrong. Yet you have no peace. You have no peace because THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.

Because you know who is committing crimes and people are suffering from it, maybe nobody is dying, but the world would be a better place at all. And you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent it. And you are still so unhappy.

But now I feel better already.

And with time, maybe what is wrong will be right again. And I will feel better than I am today. For finally, more than doing everything people asked of me, I finally did something I ASKED OF MYSELF. Let's hope so.