Get to know some few basics truths about life:

You can't quit smoking without facing some side effects.

Yeah, oficially I've already quit smoking once. I kinda got back into the habit, and last saturday I quit again.

Anyway, the side effects. You get really mean. Yeah, I mean fucking mean. To prove my point, my girlfriend was trying to get me angry, a few hours ago, at the phone. It wasn't nice of her to meet my really bad mean me. I apologized right after. It was almost too late. So, she has her guilty after all. Had she not asked so much for me to quit smoking, maybe this incident never would happen. Yeah, you can say I was the one that started it all, after all, I'm the smoker.

You damm wrong too, if you think like that. There is nothing at all that forbids me to smoke. I smoked because I liked doing it and get real, pal, I still like. I don't smoke simply because I don't want, and fuck you, I won't tell you any fucking reason. You fucking never really understood my side, so fuck you, fuck you fuck you and I won't fucking give any bloody explanation. That's the fucking least I can do to get my free will going sane.


And get real. I'm quitting my tobacco and I won't be mr. nice guy for a good time.