Coming back to real life. I do really miss those feelings of cosmic awareness. I knew what the universe was, how it works and why. Those were fascinating moments, and I saw a impressive beauty in the design of this big wheel.

But as a song says: The big wheel starts moving...

And so do we, toward a more centered reality.

Of one being living one life at one moment.

It is very interesting, curious and even cool to see scientists discovering what I had long dreamt. Realities forking and choosing, based on the will of my one inconsciousness... I do what I will because the reality I live is the one I've chosen.

I do understand it looks a lot like optimistical cheap-talk, and indeed it looks like. However, science is each day getting close to this. And believe me, I cannot prove it, but science will.

Final proof of it I hope someday to give, as I'm wishing right now to be very rich and happy. :)