Death is unavoidable. Unmerciful, unwished and always impossible to cope.

It's the final blow to the sick, weary and tired. The signal you cannot ever win over time, and wish your dearest stay with you forever.

Death takes our wisest and first friends, our grandfathers and grandmothers, the first ones we revere, even when we don't know how much we will miss them in the future.

I've lost my grandparents many years ago. And now, seeing my girlfriend's grandfather going away from us, I can finally feel how much I miss mine. Her first friend is gone. He is now resting, peacefully dreaming in places where all of us will go someday.

They're friends we will never forget, they will always live inside our hearts and we will always remember them as our first friends, the first grown-ups that made us laugh, that treated us kindly and loved us, even when we were wrong.