The incredible ability of not following advice.

I wonder how many times I have asked for advice and then ignored it.

The mechanics are simple:

A asks B for advice.
B gives A advice to the best of his/her knowledge.
A proceeds to:
- acknowledges/repeals/discredit advice given
- do nothing at all about advice given.

Curiously I find myself giving advice on a almost daily basis. And I do not give advice without being asked first. So people actively interrupts me and then makes me stop what I am doing. Then I have to actively listen for the person's problem. And last of all. I have to think about what would I do/say/whatever. I consider that the ultimate exercise of friendship. And it goes down the drain when the person ignores your answer completely. 

One of the most annoying behaviours happens when the person actually contests your advice. I remember being extremely annoyed when that happened. Person asks me how to do "task", I give an answer. Person instead says that he/she would rather do "task" in a different manner. As if saying that he/she has a better way of doing "task. I then promptly proceed to tell person to fuck-off. But I would say that behaviour is rather well documented in my book. 

The behaviour I am ranting about right now happens when person actually acknowledges my advice. But does otherwise nevertheless. It is weird. It feels weird. Perhaps this is how my therapist feels most of the time. She always tells me I should actively meditate and do some physical exercise, and I do acknowledge its validity, but I still do not follow the advice I was given.

I have no conclusion today. I still feel perplexed and I do not know what to do about this. But at least its off my system for the moment.