I'm living some quite conflicting days.

Did you, friendly reader, ever got yourself feeling both opposites of a quality? Ehm? Like the fastest and the slowest, the smartest and the dumbest. Direct opposites.

How can a person feel that? And the answer is simple. You set up a goal and work towards it. You go hard towards it. You are progressing. Yet you are not there yet. That makes me feel at the same time the best and the worst. I feel progress at turtle steps. As if the end of the road is so so far away and I am walking inches in minutes.

I need to get quicker at network config. It's tough. Because I never before worried so much about being faster. Oh if by my will I could set my mind in motion. That's Mentat mantra for you. (from Dune, if you haven't read Dune, stop - read the book, come back later).

Sometimes I read the many command outputs and logs, look at the diagrams and the task items and restrictions. And I keep staring blankly at the screen hoping I enter into Mentat mode and spit out a Prime Projection. Of course it doesn't work. I have no Sapho Juice. I have coffee, but I guess it's not the same.

Regardless, I digress. I need to think faster. You may think I am fast, (yeah, a few people think I'm fast) but I need more.

How do you, friendly reader, get better into that which people regard you are competent enough. (well, people must believe I'm competent at this, otherwise I wouldn't be studying so much, right?)