Nostalgia time!

Windows 3.0 was launched in 1990! And today sites over the Net reported that MS finally stopped licensing Win3.x... Of course this is not what The Log of Eternal Worries is about.

I just remembered that when I was a kid, back in 1990 give or add a year or two, I created my first BASIC programs, silly things like

10 PRINT Digite seu nome
20 PRINT Idiota, nao sabe nem seu nome! Tente novamente!
30 GOTO 10

That means some 18 years I got into this wild ride of technology... If you discard when I was even younger and I went to moms office to play blackjack, poker and stunts on the accounting PC.

Maybe those days shaped my childhood dreams, well, maybe this is fate playing its greatest prank on me... Anyway, I hope your job today is what you dreamed as a child. That's what Nostalgia is about.