Time is moving fast these days.

I got a new dog, perfect gift for me and Jú. It's name is Pietra, I know, it's not a dog's name, but it came with a name, who am I to change the name of a living thing?

This isn't the happy dog owner blog, though. This is the Log of Eternal Worries. So I must ask, how can someone understand that sometimes, when you think that everyone around you has become enemies, that it's not the world that is full of enemies, but simply, you're fighting yourself. Damn, late night philosophy makes my english skills fail miserably.

Lemme try again: If you believe that everybody around you is your enemy, think again. You are your worst enemy.

I like to think that I flow with Tao. If you see an enemy in me, an enemy I will be. If you see a friend in me, you have all my friendship.

Just remembered a good quote now: "Easy to forgive, hard to forget", something like that. Great thought to go to bed.