Now for a bit of English Poetry:

"Some work of noble note, may yet be done,
Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods.
The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks:
The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep
Moans round with many voices. Come, my friends,
'Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.
Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Aye, I know this is different from my usual posts. Yet so much like an Eternal Worries post. The thing is. I want to be such heroic person. Of course not in such proportions, even less in heroic adventures... But I don't want to leave ridiculous tales to my children. I hear stories of people that can only be desperate or completely clueless. How will such people feel, in the future, remembering those stories? Would they be ashamed? Would they regret? Would they laugh and judge everyone complete fools for believing those stories?

I want not an idle fate, of lies and deception and lost friends. I want not to enter to history as an lost cause, as someone whose past is to be laughed from. I want nice tales and bravery stories, of new old friends and glorious gold. I want no shame of things I did, be it yesterday or yester that year.