While I'm getting ready for the next storm, with my mind in the future, I can feel a tug on my sleeve. The past is trying to hold me and tries to make me stay.

It is the final proof I don't want those problems of the past again and that I am definitely taking the right decision. My life will be better far away from this city, not only because opportunities will be better, but simply because I still have wounds that haven't closed yet. It will be a lot more rewarding in the future when the wounds have healed and I'm strong on my path, to look back and see how small that problem had become, devoid of food but hungry as a sandworm. It may look like a big problem now. But I already sense it has gotten smaller, and it's getting smaller everyday, now that I'm not helping it grow anymore.

To the occasional reader, know that problems are just like leeches. They suck on your blood and energy, they're vampires of your determination and they grow stronger on your fears. Be calm. Put the problem on the microscope and analyse it with pincers, dissect and run tests on it. Plan experiments, collect results. Use your analytical mind and treat your problem as coldly as a Vulcan. No problem is big enough if you accept risk and losses.