This is about change.

There are times in our lifes where change is forced. You take some decision which start a chain reaction of changes so powerfull, so strong.

Yet, everything looks the same on the outside.

I've made some decisions which will probably alter the whole course of my life. I've took some risks that may alter my whole future.

This is not the first time I did this sort of choices, and sometimes I wonder if I'm addicted to them. Perhaps. But I know that I feel a newborn child again.

There is so much new things to learn, and I do feel really lost sometimes. It's hard to understand and grasp so many new things at once. Not only this is happening at such a speed I've never seen before, but my job and the university is demanding my full attention and dedication.

I've got these 3 top priorities (SoC, Senac and Unesp) not to mention my wife, and I have to juggle them with clockwork precision. It is very difficult. I've never had so many occupations at once, all of them above my current level of skill.

I have no idea I will survive all of this. I may not. But I will try hard, as I always do.

I need to have stories to tell to my grandchildren, after all. :)