I usually have a queue of many tasks to do. There are so many tasks I don't care anymore if any of them is late, since I know which ones are top priority, or anyway, when I'm near the time the task will expire, I will finish it anyway, sometimes a bit hurried, but finished anyway.

Right now I don't have anything imediate nor urgent, and I can listen to some music just for the sake of it.

Also, there is nobody I know online right now, which is quite unusual. Even my wife is at university right now, so I'm alone at home.

I have some time spare just to myself. Without anything urgent. Even my freelancer jobs are idle. That's weird, and perhaps it is the first time I feel like this in a long time.

It is like tao. When you try to name it. It loses meaning, as defining tao is impossible to define. It is like meditation, that when you perceive you are meditating, you already lost focus.

Delicate moments of peace.

Have you ever found them?