I've been a few months late in my logs.

I've been quite busy these last months.

So much happened in such a little time. Plans within plans, all unrolling unto motion, after so much careful thought.
I believe it is all working the way I like it. Flowing along the tides of destiny. As if I'm the gardener of these little trees and bushes. Trimming carefully weeds and sprouts, waiting for the flowers to blossom and turn into fruits.

We are two who became one. Finally.

And I work towards our future as I like it. Flowing along the tides of destiny.

You who read this blog, I ask you a question: Do you believe you can shape your future?

I guide my life forward, feeling the waves and following the winds of change. Have you ever felt winds blowing full of ethereal energy, surrounding you in exquisite energy, so strange you feel something is about to happen?

Don't ignore your feelings. Follow your heart and never forget Jonh Hodge. Choose life.