We are weird creatures. We cannot accept facts as they are, neither we do what we need because we are told to.

We are creatures ever in need of motivation. Only through pressure we work, we produce, we act.

That's why some people have faith, or some higher strenght driving them toward their goals. Without a goal, and without some power driving you to your goal, you are dead.

We see some people working straight without doubt, like true zealots of their master. Like fingers of a sobrenatural hand.

Where is this Hand? Who is this Master? And what is a far more funnier question, where is my Hand, or my Master.

I always took pride in being free, choosing my own path, being my own Master.

What if I'm not ready to be the Master? What if I cannot choose properly what I need?

Of course, I don't mean I want a new Master. I still want to be free. But this means the Master here needs some new tricks.

How do you learn to master yourself? I've been lazy all these past months, not understanding what was happening to me. Not willing to understand, desiring time to solve things by itself. Then I found letting time pass didn't solve a thing.

Is this the secret all those unstoppable people know? Do they work around the clock, simply because they know this secret? Is there any secret at all? This is fun. :) We circle around the truth, trying to find the end of the circle. Of course basic geometry says there is no end of the circle.

Is this the proof there is no truth? :)